Our Privacy Policy

As Arcadias, we care about you and your personal information, and we would like to share our privacy policy in detail. The information in this document contains our customers and customers of our customers. It explains how we use (or not use) your confidential information on our websites, subdomains, content, services, mobile applications, and software.


To summarize;

We can gather information about you, but you have control over how much and how it can be used.

We do not collect information from people under 13 years old.

We do not sell your personal information or allow temporary access to third parties. However, your data can be shared with our suppliers and authorized resellers. The purpose of this is the use of the services.

If we have to work with 3rd party individuals/companies for any reason, we ensure that they act consciously to protect your data.

If we have to share your information with a legal reason, we inform you about it.

Your information is stored on our server.

The end-users of our products may request the use of information from us directly. We kindly ask you to get information from the company that put our products to your service. Arcadias does not bear any responsibility for the end-user information collected in all products (application, websites, subdomains, software, content, services, etc.) offered.



Our privacy policy covers all of our products. By using our products, you accept our policy.

The scope of this document concerns how we use your information.


Use of Information

We receive your personal information and contact details as you start using our products.

Additionally, as either our direct customers or customers of their customers (end-users) register to our systems, we receive the full name, phone number, e-mail address details.

Our database allocates a separate and secure space for each event (including the different activities of the same customer).

Our customers can place tracking codes for traffic measurement on the products they use (such as website, mobile application). In this case, your device can track your use of the Internet, your geography, your Wi-Fi, or cellular network usage, your usage behavior on the website and/or mobile application. The software that does this (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, etc.) generally collects anonymous data. Such software is used to improve websites and/or mobile applications.

As Arcadias, we also use the Google Analytics program on our websites, which collects anonymous data for traffic measurement on our websites and their subdomains. Google Remarketing codes, which require the use of cookies, are also included on our sites for advertising targeting. These ads can be canceled from the browser or displayed ad slots.


End-User Information and Arcadias 

Your personal information may be included in mobile applications, software, and websites. This is because our customers share your information with us to enable usage. This information is only available in the database of the customer. Customers share this information for mobile application modules (keypad, Q&A, poll, etc.) that require interaction at events. When the organization ends, this information is permanently and immediately deleted from the Arcadias database once requested by the customer. The customer obtains this database from us. In other words, the information you share throughout the event is delivered to our customers.

Our mobile applications include a push notification feature. If you do not want to receive push messages from the application, you need to edit the authorization settings according to the phone model. Some mobile phones receive your approval for a push notification permission during the installation of the app. Phones without this pre-permission feature require a manual setting. This feature cannot be controlled with our mobile applications and our mobile application builder platform.

Our customers may place links to their projects prepared in our platforms. We have no control over these links. Our customers can also add third party attachments to our products. We have no control over them either. In areas beyond our scope and control, our Privacy Policy does not apply. In this case, we recommend that you read the privacy policy of the stated websites, programs, add-ons, and so on.


Customer Information and Arcadias 

You need to login in order to use our software. Your membership information is stored in our system. We use this information for renewal, change, privacy policy, terms of use, etc. of your membership. We may use your information to establish customized contact. (Products used and usage duration and frequency change between the customers. These preferences are taken into consideration for meaningful communication.) We may use your information for marketing purposes. In this context, we share information about new products and campaigns. We may target you in our advertising campaigns.

We will use the information contained in the forms (such as contact, inquiries, requests, demo forms, etc.) to reach you.

We will share the required information with the result of the request of state organs and legal authorities. Additionally, when we detect a case of abuse of our systems, your information may be shared with authorized and official bodies.

If Arcadias and/or its products are partially/wholly sold, we will share your information with the purchasing company.


Suppliers and Arcadias 

We share your information with third-party companies (our suppliers) that we receive service. For example, when we plan a mailing campaign, we share the customer database with the company.


Communication Preferences

You can opt-out of either ad targeting or mailing database any time you prefer. To opt-out of mailing, please click the link at the end of the mailing you received. You can re-subscribe to the mailing database anytime you prefer. Even if you opt-out of the mailing database, you will continue to receive automatic transaction mails. You will also receive mails automatically in case of security issues arise. We will also reply to your questions and suggestions mails even after you opt-out of the database.

Cookie blockers may block certain functions of web-based products (SAAS). To opt-out out of these kinds of ads, we recommend that you make manual adjustments. These ads are the ones that guide you to opt-out in ease.

You may not receive some information by keeping your mobile device’s location turned off and turning off the push notification feature.


Security Risk and the Internet

The Internet is a platform that develops every day and brings with it risks. For this reason, we cannot promise you 100% security. In general, we strongly urge you to act proactively to ensure the safety of your devices and information during and after the use of the Internet. Avoiding to share your passwords and preferring to use complicated passwords are essential steps.

As long as there is no legal claim, we will protect your personal information with precision and will not share it.


Contact for Further Questions

If you would like more information about our Privacy Policy or would like to ask any questions, please contact us.

e-Mail: info@arcadiastech.com (Please write “Privacy Policy” to the subject, and we will immediately forward your e-mail to the related team.)

Address: 1755 O’farrell St Apt 1207 San Francisco, CA 94115

Phone: +1 415 975 1905


Changes in Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may change as a result of legal requirements and technological developments. In this case, the current version will be available on our websites.